Tests, tests, tests and then a surgery

I spent the week at the hospital in Copenhagen. I needed to have my lungs, heart, and my general physique tested and then I needed 18 different blood samples. In the end it turned out that besides the freaking multiple sclerosis there is absolutely nothing wrong with me. This is great because it means that I’ll be ready for the blood stem cell treatment. I’ll be getting the first round of chemo therapy next week! I’m excited, but obviously also a little bit worried about how it is going to impact me. Mostly, however, I’m ready to get started.

This week also featured a surgery. I needed to have an ovary removed. The chemo that I’ll be getting is high intensive and there is a high likelihood that I’ll be going into monopause because of it. The doctors can later on reinsert parts of the ovary and I can hopefully get my period back and avoid early monopause.

One aspects of having the surgery is of course to avoid getting early monopause. Another reason is the question about whether or not to have kids. If I hadn’t gotten multiple sclerosis, Mathias and I would probably have been one of those couples who at some point gave up on the birth control pills and if we got a baby it would be great and if not it would also be great. But I would have to stop taking the MS medicine that if we wanted kids and given the amount of attacks that I was getting that was probably not the best idea. It would probably have been a much easier decision if Mathias or I were broody or knew that we really didn’t want kids, but here we are as indecisive as ever.

In the end we decided on the surgery because I and we like to feel like it is our own choice if we have kids. With the surgery we are not ruling the possibility of kids out and to be honest the decision feels good. There are so many big decisions involved in relation to this treatment and there is no need to close too many doors along the way.

It was a tough week with the surgery and all the tests and currently my stomach is quite sore. But I am doing okay. The wounds are healing fine and I am restituting.

The week reminded me (yet again) of how much being around Mathias matters. In the middle of all the chaos, with doctors poking needles in my arms non-stop, we are simply having a “hyggelig” time. Somehow we just keep on going and enjoy life.

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