About amazing colleagues and preparation for chemo

The day prior to getting my first dose of chemo I had decided to make a huge cake for my colleagues at the university. I know that it might take a while before I see them again because the chemo and blood stem cell treatment will be intense/tough.

I made a huge green cake with many layers and different kinds of mousses (I love to geek out when baking). It was so big that I expected to have to bring at least half of it back home. However, all my colleagues showed up, so the entire cake was eaten!

It meant the world to me that they all took the time to be there, because one of the things that I fear is that the treatment will be so lengthy that I will be isolated in my research. Therefore it was an amazing feeling to know that I have their support.

My colleagues have, since I was first diagnosed with MS, been supportive. The secretary had a couch installed in my office so that I can rest whenever I need it. And the head of department is really good at reminding me to rest and not work too much. Imagine that I am lucky enough not only to have great colleagues, but colleagues that know me well enough to remind me to rest! This really makes me ready for the chemo!


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