Venous catheter and the first chemo

On January 30 I had, as mentioned in another blog post, an ovary removed. Before the operation the doctor asked me if he should make an extra operation and put in the venous catheter, while I was in general anaesthesia. Otherwise I would need another operation the next week, and the doctors would insert the catheter while I was given local anaesthesia. I said okay. It would be nice to avoid having two surgeries. What I didn’t consider was that I after the surgery would be rather immobile. My stomach was painful and I couldn’t keep my head up, because the catheter was inserted.

However, it all went fine. There was an inflammation in the operation wound, because I had used chlorhexidine soap to wash it. This meant the scar was very clean, but couldn’t heal. As soon as I began to use ordinary soap it started to heal. I quickly got used to the venous catheter. It was bleeding once, but since then it has been fine, and after a few days I could even sleep on the side again. It only required that I taped the catheter, so that it didn’t tickle my ear. I also inserted som cotton on the catheter, so that it didn’t tweaked me. The nurses laugh a bit about my DIY solution, but it works perfectly fine.

Then the chemo began… The week after the surgery. I was hospitalised – on February 7. I had a lot of blod tests done and then we started. On February 8 at 11 o’clock a drop was inserted in the venous catheter. First I was given minerals for three hours, so that the body could handle the chemo. From 14-15 I got chemo. After the chemo and I got minerals again. It continued all night. I also got plenty of diuretic, so I needed to pee all the time. At 11 in the evening is got diuretic and at 3 in the morning the bags for the drop needed to be renewed. During the night I got a cold. I was coughing and snotty for 3-4 hours, but then it stopped. It was a long night…

Generally speaking and not surprisingly it wasn’t feeling well after the chemo. But it could have been much worse. The first night both of my legs were hurting and the nect 3 days it felt like all of my previous MS-symptoms manifested. One of my eyes was hurting and I couldn’t see, my legs were painful and if felt like my bag was about to break. But I didn’t feel any nausea. I’ll be the only chemo patient who doesn’t lose weight. I eat a lot of candy, because my mouth hurt. It is a really good excuse to eat piles of candy! The chemo also meant that I started to lose some hair. I didn’t lose it all (it’ll happen during the next chemo), but my mane became thinner. After three days I started to feel better. I got enough energy for Mathias and I to go for a long walk and eat at Aarhus Street Food. The chemo was certainly still in the body, but I felt much better.

The chemo wasn’t fun, but it meant a lot that I didn’t feel any nausea. The nurses said that because I am generally healthy I could take a lot of medicine to prevent the nausea. This obviously made it easier. The next round of chemo is three times as hard and it lasts for five days. It will obviously be though. But after the first round of chemo I am in good spirits.

This is how you look with a venous catheter. The photo was taken the day that it was bleeding. It was only one day. Since then it has been fine.



This is how I looked after the chemo… You can see the one of the eyes is more closed than the other. This is because the optic neuritis is “provoked” by the chemo.

Kemofjæs 2

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