Hairless, bald, clean-cut…

Yesterday I took a shower after my usual workout. Suddenly I had a lot of hair between my fingers. I was getting bald.

I have had a weird feeling in my skalp for a few days. It was like my hair was hurting a bit. And then suddenly it fell off.

It is funny. It doesn’t bothers me much. I know that it will be back. But it was a weird experience. At first I got a Trump-like hair-doe. But in the morning I had lost so much hair that I decided to shave my head. I might as well have a clean-cut.

I guess I had convinced myself that I wouldn’t loose the hair until the big round of chemo. I knew that the first round of chemo was also high intensive, and I did lose quite a lot of hair in the days after the chemo, but somehow I thought that was it. It was a bit of a chock that it all happened so fast.

I was prepared, though. Before starting the treatment I got a pixie cut and I must say that I am so happy that I did that. Not only was it a good experience to get used to see myself with short hair, I was also super happy that I did not have to deal with my long ringlets when the hair fell off.

I have also made a bunch of chemo hats. I think I’ll make it a point to be a colourful bald head! At least I can make diy turban hats that matches our diy pillows 🙂

Here is some pictures of the balding-process.



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