Day 0: My new birthday. Blood stem cells!

Day 0

Finally day 0 arrived. The big day where my blood stem cells were to be reintroduced.

I had been a bit nervous, because I knew that it would be really cold (max 4 degrees), could hurt, and taste bad. There were also risks of side effects, but that would not be due to the stem cells, but the fluid that was used to preserve them.

The nurses also told me that I would smell really bad, so the nurses who were in the room were covered in large masks.

When it all started it went really fast. They began at 11 and had 1 1/2 large syringes with blood stem cells, which they injected into the venous catheter. It was cold around my heart and my stomach became a bit sore and cold. But I didn’t think that it was painful, and the nasty taste that they had warned my about weren’t really there. At least it wasn’t something that I could not keep away with a sour candy.

The entire prodedure took about 20 minutes. And then I had my new birthday. Now we just need to wait and let the stem cells do their magic.

The procedure probably took the hardest toll on my dad. He had imagined that I would have to go through something horrible. So he was really relieved.

Some of the nurses kept wearing their masks for the rest of the day and Mathias did say that I at some point were a bit smelly. But it was never something that made the family put on masks and already the next day they took away the protective curtain, which should have been there fore three days.

That was it. Now we are counting forwards!

Here are some pictures from the procedure.


The blood stem cells are reinjected


This is a half of syringe with the very cold blood stem cells


After the procedure Mathias pulled my nose. Just checking that it is still there.


Post-procedure high five


Mom is one big smile when it is all over


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