Discharge optimism!

Tomorrow I’ll be discharged from the hospital! It feels kind of crazy. I have been her since March 20. 3 weeks. I am so excited to get back home. Mathias will testify to the fact that I am going on and on about all the things that I need to plant on our balcony the minute I get back. But I guess that I’ll need to rest up and sleep a bit first.

The last four days have been pretty great. The doctor said that some MS patients felt as if a fog has been removed from their head. I really feel that way. It is as if there used to be a heavy fog before my eyes pressing on my entire head, but now it is only there in glimpses. I realise that I have no idea how I will feel in a half a year, but right now I am optimistic!

My immune system is slowly getting better, and I can feel that the workout is paying of. My strength is getting back. I am walking around Copenhagen – between 6 and 10 km each day. But both the doctors and the nurses are telling me to be careful that I don’t push myself too far. My body simply cannot handle it yet. A few days ago I woke up super early (3.30), but I still felt energised, so I biked 10 km on the exercise bike and later I waled 6 km around town. That was too much. My body got pissed and suddenly I was just lying there with a heath blanket and a filur ice cream. As always it is a challenge for me to know when enough is enough.

I still suffer from food loathing. But I eat! My diet is just very selective. I only eat asian food! Things that are fresh and with a lot of vegetables. And then I eat peas (high protein content), tomatoes, and peanut chips (I’m not allowed to eat real nuts). Yesterday my friends Mette and Kristoffer dropped by. They were a bit hungover so Mette was super excited to join my food hunt. Imagine how happy you get, when you suddenly eat an entire Vietnamese salad. Later Mathias, Jarle, Amanda and I had asian food again. I guess being reborn means that you are following your food intake with great excitement!

Tomorrow I am being discharged. But first I need to have my vein catheter removed. It is a surgery, but right now I don’t really think about the surgery, but about the fact that we are going home afterwards!

Mathias has gotten a cold! He is not allowed to be at the hospital. And if it is not better tomorrow we’ll have to wear masks in the car on the way home! He can’t even give me a hug! Seriously!

The status on the whole thing is: It is the most extreme and rough thing that I have ever gone through, I haven’t seen any of all the films and series that I had planned (except a little bit of The Chi), I have only read one of the many books that I brought (somethings is always beeping), I have a huge bag og candy to bring back to Aarhus (I haven’t learnt to eat it yet), I am still “taking it all in”, I am optimistic!

I realise that the half a year or so will be hard work, and the doctors have warned me that my body and mind will not necessarily gain energy at the same time. It is going to take work – both physically and mentally. And it is going to take a whole lot of medicine. I have gotten and entire carrier back filled with medicine! Some of it, I’ll need to take for an entire year!

The only thing missing is the operation tomorrow. And to say good bye to all of the amazing nurses! I have bought them a lot of candy to say thanks for taking such good care of me. They work so much and for so many hours, but they have this amazing capacity for empathy, presence and professional knowledge (Dina and Line have all the answers)! I am extremely impressed and grateful!



Here is a picture of my dinner 🙂


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